The Issue: Protect Roswell’s Historic Charm

The Wright Plan:

-Safeguard Roswell’s historically registered sites and buildings.

-Revitalize historic sites and buildings as needed to maintain original charm where possible.

-Give the residents the tools and resources to protect their established neighborhoods such as Conservation Neighborhood Overlay found in the UDC Section 8-3.

Why does this matter to you?  These actions preserve the historic charm of Roswell while empowering residents so they have a voice in their neighborhoods and can protect their property values.


The Issue: Improve Roswell’s Blighted Areas

The Wright Plan:

-Increase Roswell’s commercial tax base through smart, sustainable, commercial improvement.

-Liaise with our Chief of Police, community leaders, and residents to strengthen community policing efforts while being tough on crime at the same time.

-Collaborate with City Council members and citizens to organize a City Council with district representation along with at-large representation so that all areas of Roswell receive the best representation possible.

Why does this matter to you?

The Issue: Fix Traffic

The Wright Plan:  I believe we must encourage smart, balanced growth.  In that growth, I want to engage the experts and learn as much about the issues and potential solutions.  I will listen to community leaders and connect with citizens. Our decisions should be rooted in dialogue and involve all stake holders.  It is necessary for us to examine traffic “in” Roswell, and because of the sprawl around us, traffic “through” Roswell.  These challenges are indicative of a healthy, vibrant community, but the traffic woes must be addressed sooner rather than later. I pledge to work with all parties to foster creativity and innovation. The recent example of the response to the I-85 overpass collapse is a great example of the boldness and cooperation we need.

I believe we should establish guidelines and create a roadmap:

Strengthen relationships with the State Senate and House, GDOT, and other agencies to ensure Roswell is receiving maximum funding for traffic improvements.

-Team with experts and the community to develop a 25 year Transportation Master Plan.

-Include immediate, intermediate, and long-term goals and projects.

– Expand the use of traffic circles and traffic deflectors in neighborhoods.

-Develop a cost-effective strategy for moving cross-jurisdictional traffic through Roswell on the main arteries without stops for cross traffic.

-Implement a plan to move local traffic within the city without burdensome interference from pass-through traffic.

Why does this matter to you? Traffic is a significant concern of Roswell residents and it should receive priority for funding.  I believe we must examine 21st century solutions rather than relying on 19th century linear thinking.  Our transportation and traffic challenges cannot be solved with a silver bullet.  Everything should be on the table.